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Auswahl - The10, Alterufer 10, Studio-Wohnungen nahe der Alster
The 10 - Hamburg, Alsterufer 10

The trained eye can discern
excellence at first glance.

Welcome to The Ten
The Ten – Alsterufer 10, Hamburg, Germany

The Object

The quintessential Hanseatic attitude to life.

The 10 represents much of what people know and appreciate as typically Hanseatic. And is a manifestation of what can be expressed through the medium of architecture. Quality and understatement fuse completely naturally to create one incredibly beautiful entity; the building is characterised by a flawless elegance both inside and out. As you would rightly expect at this level, the comforts do not end with the consummate craftsmanship and smart living concepts. The concierge service, for instance, makes your day so much friendlier and easier and – more than a mere side note – makes the building safer. This is just one example of how The 10 guarantees you an exclusive lifestyle.

In addition, The 10 is firmly rooted in the history of the most beautiful city in the world: the fabric of the 40-year-old building has been left intact to the greatest reasonable extent and enhanced and perfected to the extent that it will still be considered a statement many years from now. The state-of-the-art building is now self-confidently establishing a new kind of dialogue with the historic setting of the consular district. It is a building that couldn’t be more Hanseatic, situated in a location that sends even the most reserved of Hanseatic citizens into raptures.

THE 10 - discover with all your senses

According to Vitruvius, beauty – along with stability and usefulness – is one of the three primary requirements of architecture. Using all of your senses to discover how THE 10 fulfils these requirements should be a pleasure for anyone.
Lars Wittorf, responsible architect

The 10 - The apartments

The apartments

A real stroke of luck for those who are not used to making compromises.

One thing can be said with certainty: people’s expectations of the perfect home are highly individual, especially at this level. Whatever your needs, The 10 has the perfect answer. More precisely, it has four of them: from the cleverly conceived studio and breathtaking penthouse to the luxury flat and chic townhouse, all doors are open to your desires for luxurious living space.

On the subject of open doors: there is a particular focus on your security. The smart home features make your life easier, more comfortable – and also safer. This concept extends to the access door on the ground floor. The concierge and the camera system keep an eye on the foyer. Since the letter boxes are also located here, you can assume that no unwelcome guests will enter the property.

As already mentioned, The 10 is a real stroke of luck in every detail.

The 10 - Typ A / Studios
  • The Ten - Studio 1
  • The 10, Alsterufer 10. Hamburg - Studio 2

Typ A_Studios

Enjoy the freedom.

The studios are proof that size is not only measured in square metres. You will find the art of reducing a space to the maximum here in the form of cleverly conceived living concepts that make perfect use of the available space. Besides an elegant kitchen and discreetly fitted cabinets, it is the numerous ingenious details – such as the way in which light is distributed – that give you a sense of freedom. And freedom is a good buzzword: this solution is ideal for people who have their finger on the pulse and want Hamburg to be their second home.

The 10 - Typ B / Luxury Flat
  • The 10 - Typ B - Luxury Flat 1
  • The ten - Typ B - Luxury Flat 2

Typ B_Luxury Flats

If you are seeking more ample space.

Those who enjoy living in somewhat more capacious surroundings will love the classic luxury flats in The 10. An exclusive, inviting atmosphere welcomes you from the moment you step inside. They are characterised by a spaciousness that is anything but standard even in homes of this size. One reason for this is the fact that all units on the third and fourth floors extend across the entire depth of the building – the kind of design approach that perfectly showcases such a space. The flats also have balconies on both sides. The only thing for which there is no room here is compromise.

The 10 - Typ C / Townhouse
  • The 10: Typ C - Town House 1
  • The Ten: Typ C - Town House 2
  • The 10: Typ C - Town House 3

Typ C_Townhouses

A more private idea.

Why not have your very own doorbell panel, complete with your name and own entrance on the banks of the Alster? Instead of allowing yourself to be restricted in your desire for a private space, simply enjoy the comfortable flair of a chic townhouse, along with all the privileges afforded by the greatest attention to detail and architectural finishing touches on a space occupying 366 square metres. Not forgetting the area of outdoor space, because the garden is an extra that perfectly rounds off your oasis of calm. You will be living practically in the heart of the city – the fact that you will barely notice this within your own four walls is a priceless source of pleasure every day.

The 10 - Typ D / Penthouse
  • Wohnungen Typ D - Penthouse 1 | The Ten, Alsterufer 10, Hamburg
  • Wohnungen Typ D - Penthouse 2 | The 10, Alsterufer 10, Hamburg
  • Wohnungen Typ D - Penthouse 3 | The10, Hamburg

Typ D_Penthouses

If you are ever at a loss for words, then it is bound to be here.

The 10 pushes the boundaries with its penthouses; the term ‘urban luxury’ has been redefined here. It would therefore be little wonder if you fell in love with Hamburg all over again above the rooftops of this city. The way in which exclusiveness and spaciousness are interpreted exhausts all possibilities.

First of all, there is the imposing Alster view – the perfect backdrop for perfect moments. Perfection can serve as the leitmotif for the entire ensemble: the select materials and the sensual excellence turn each and every one of the living spaces – covering up to 570 square metres across two floors – into an affirmation of a deluxe lifestyle. Equally remarkable is the way in which the light comes into its own as a creative element. When you’re this close to heaven, you enjoy the benefit of unique possibilities.

Materials and craftsmanship

The already much vaunted high standards in evidence at The 10 can also be found inside the building. Lightness and style; elegance and confidence – nothing short of the perfect balance is the aim. As such, it will hardly come as a surprise to learn that the materials and craftsmanship are of the very highest quality without exception.
Come a little closer, be rigorous: you will find precision down to the last detail.

  • sl_material_1.jpg
  • sl_material_2.jpg
  • sl_material_3.jpg
  • sl_material_5.jpg
  • sl_material_4.jpg
  • sl_material_6.jpg
  • sl_material_7.jpg

Different kinds of stone feature in the imposing entrance, with bluestone serving as the main element: its unique character creates a stylish and inviting atmosphere; glass surfaces and various types of wood and metal set subtle accents. Yet at the same time, it’s not just about aesthetic considerations: acoustics in keeping with the five-metre height of the space have been created with a sure hand.

The individual units are a study in elegance and comfort. Featuring warm colours and organic materials, wonderful details, first-class fittings and window and door hardware and extensive glass indentations throughout, the perfect balance of modernity and classicism is interpreted in a manner that can stand up to any competition. The wide-ranging design elements are skilfully married: solid wood forges a link with bush-hammered walls and fine clay plaster on the ceiling complements the quality parquet flooring. At the same time, there is still more than enough room to add your very own idea of perfection and personality. The 10 is simply not a place where things are done by halves.

And then there is this special feeling of freedom that permeates the building and the spaces within it ... there is probably no finer way of reminding you of the unique location by the Alster at every turn.

The Ten, Alsterufer 10 - living with concierge service


A true gentleman at your service.

On average, it rains in Hamburg 133 days of the year. So isn’t it good to know that in addition to a friendly greeting, you will also be accompanied by an umbrella when you leave the building? The concierge is a nice tradition – and not just when it rains. People value the concierge as a guarantee of a friendly, clean and safe building and also as a trustworthy contact person for practically all everyday matters and needs. They take receipt of the post and run little errands, give you a hand with your luggage or shopping and arrange access to the flat for tradesmen or cleaners. They can make restaurant reservations or organise tickets for all kinds of events – you will soon notice that the concierge is indispensable. And if you prefer, then the concierge will politely remain in the background. After all, discretion is also one of the key virtues of this classic profession.

The 10, Alsterufer 10 - living with concierge service


The Ten, Alsterufer 10 - location

Spend an hour or so in the café?
Do a lap of one of the nicest jogging routes? Go to the cinema?
Or maybe the opera?
Take a stroll around the shops? Visit the small, remarkable gallery?
Get information on a sailing course? Or simply let the wind caress your face?

It’s true, the neighbourhood doesn’t make it easy for you – enjoy it!

  • lage01.jpg
  • sl_lage_2.jpg
  • sl_lage_5.jpg
  • lage02.jpg
  • sl_lage_7.jpg
  • sl_lage_9.jpg
The 10, Alsterufer 10, Hamburg - First Address

A top address.

The location on the south-western bank of the Outer Alster Lake is without doubt one of the most exclusive in the entire city: the Alster promenade with its magnificent stock of old trees awaits you right outside the door. Whether you prefer to take a stroll or go for a sportier jog, the unique panorama never fails to delight on any day, regardless of the season.

The land side also knows how to delight people with its vibrancy, charm, style and diversity: in the elegant consular district, characterised by magnificent buildings, lovingly managed shops and restaurants and plenty of green spaces, you are at the interface between the Alster and the city. Culture and shopping, fine dining and entertainment, slow-paced leisure and city living – all the elements that represent Hamburg – are just a few steps from one another here. The routes between them are diverse and short, the atmosphere exquisite, the attitude to life wonderful.

The Ten meets the Alster


01Porto Novo



04Basil & Mars

05Grill im Hotel Vierjahreszeiten

06Osteria da Francesco



07Medizin am Stephansplatz



08Elbgym Alsterufer

09Der Club an der Alster

10Hamburg and Germania Rowing Club

11Ruder-Club Favorite Hammonia




13State Opera House





16Fairmont Hotel Vierjahreszeiten

17The Fontenay

18Hotel Atlantic Kempinski




20City Centre



21University of Hamburg

22Sophie-Barat-Schule (Gymnasium)


24Schule Turmweg (Grundschule)

25Kita Neue Rabenstrasse

26Turmweg International Kindergarden




28Central Station


30Rabenstraße Pier / Alster Steamboat


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